Everyone with frozen shoulder can benefit from at-home TuiNa massage Treatment

If you have constant pain and inflammation,you are in the first stage of frozen shoulder. At-home TuiNa massage can keep pain under control day & night and stop inflammation quickly and naturally

If the intensity of pain has dropped significantly and your shoulder is very stiff or beginning to loosen up, you are in the 2nd or 3rd stage of frozen shoulder, at-home TuiNa massage can help soften and relax Muscle Knots and chip away Adhesions to restore mobility

FROM: Tracy R.,

Dear Friend,

Are you diagnosed with frozen shoulder? Are you looking for an all natural alternative treatment to speedup your recovery? We have a complete treatment program with different treatment plans for each stage of frozen shoulder that will help you to stop pain at night immediately, stop inflammation and pain quickly and speedup the recovery of your full range of motion.

TuiNa massage has been used in China to treat muscle and soft issue problems for over 2000 years. In the current college textbook for Acupuncture and TuiNa major students, frozen shoulder is listed as one of the four conditions for which TuiNa is the number one choice of treatment. From the oldest existing ancient medical book, the "Yellow Emperor's Medical Classic" to the current college textbook and many well respected medical books in between, it is constantly and clearly documented that comparing to Acupuncture, TuiNa is the more effective treatment for muscle and soft tissue problems.

I have treated over 1000 frozen shoulder patients using TuiNa massage over 5 years. It works fast. Most my patients told me that they can feel the improvement with every single treatment.

I have patients told me that when they leave the treatment room and get in the elevator, they raise their arms to push the button. They are surprised by how much easier and lighter their arms feel.

I also have online customers telling me that 15 minutes after their self TuiNa, their shoulders feel better.

Here is Heather's frozen shoulder experience using self TuiNa massage. You can check out her website and her facebook page. She is a renowned equestrian trainer.

"I bought and downloaded your book yesterday having had almost no sleep the night before. I am pretty tough, an international equestrian trainer who has had to muck out stables with broken ribs and a badly swollen lower leg and upper arm, and kept going, but this shoulder pain really got to me! I couldn't lie down, barely could sit in comfort, and was at my wits end with it.

I followed the heat/massage instructions in your book, and slept like a log last night. Also couldn't believe how much more mobility I had this morning. I am sitting here now with a wheat bag over my shoulder, having just done some more TuiNa, and the pain is 75% less already, and mobility probably the same.

I will be sharing this on my facebook page and also my forum- my website gets over 100,000 hits a day on average. Thank you for this very simply and extremely effective treatment- was worth every penny and more besides."
Heather Moffett www.enlightenedequitation.com

Here is another customer's experience. Her husband is a licensed massage therapist. He saw my videos and knew what to do.

Wow!!! I have to tell you I am thrilled and amazed. I followed your program religiously. I kept a heat pack on my shoulder 24 hours a day reheating it every half an hour. My husband performed the massage/TuiNa 3 times a day.
Would you believe by the 7th day I had no pain and have 90% movement back in my shoulder. I know it was the beginning of a frozen shoulder because I have had one before. Your remedy has saved me from a lot of pain and suffering (last time it was two years for my other shoulder). This is like a miracle for me. THANKS!!
-- Marsha Gusti

With frozen shoulder, stopping the pain is a much easier task than recovering the mobility. While TuiNa massage is highly effective in stopping pain, I personally feel that TuiNa massage adds the most value to the recovery of mobility.

Here is the experience of a lady with frozen shoulder. She got her frozen shoulder after an injury followed by a surgery. She had a cortisone shot. But her range of motion was poor. She bought my Ebook to work on her ROM. Here is her experience.

I have been working on mine with your TuiNa and the physical therapy exercises since November 2nd (almost 6 weeks now) I would say my range of motion is at around 80% now. I am not going to rest until it's at 100%. -- Marie

TuiNa massage might sound unfamiliar and mysterious to you. It is actually very simple, uncomplicated and direct. There are about 18 different styles of TuiNa massage. The main style of TuiNa used in the clinic that I worked is the Oscillation Style of TuiNa. It is the most gentle form of TuiNa massage. It is very gentle, yet powerful. It works like the never-ending ocean wave, powerful without any sharp edges.

TuiNa massage on shoulder combines the benefit of acupuncture and massage

TuiNa massage is a type of massage, a hands-on treatment. It works very effectively on the shoulder joint because it delivers all the benefits of acupuncture treatment and the benefits of massage.

There are 11 treatment points. Many of them are acupuncture points. Acupuncture points on the shoulder joint are mostly shallow points. The treatment depth of these points are close to the surface. When doing acupuncture, short acupuncture needles are used and the needles are not pushed in very far. Acupuncture points on the head, hands, feet, arms and shoulders are all shallow points.

"Yellow Emperor's Medical Classic" is the most respected book in traditional Chinese medicine. When talking about TuiNa treatment, it talks about using the fingers in place of the needles to achieve the results of both acupuncture and TuiNa massage. It also describes specific TuiNa techniques and the hard work that is required to master these techniques. It even talks about the necessity of tests of mastery of these TuiNa techniques. All TuiNa therapists have to pass these tests. Nowadays, in China, the TuiNa qualification test is done by a machine.

When doing TuiNa massage on shallow acupuncture points in the shoulder, you can use your fingers to push into the treatment player and get the benefits of acupuncture.

In addition to the benefit of acupuncture, oscillation style massage can work its way deep in the tissues in a gentle and powerful way, improving circulation, soften muscle cramps and weaken the tissue scars without causing lots of pain.

Professional TuiNa massage vs at-home self TuiNa massage

In addition to a college degree in Acupuncture and TuiNa, professional level TuiNa massage takes lots of practice and skills. It took me 5 to 6 months of practice to pass the qualification test. There are very few qualified TuiNa therapists outside of the government sponsored clinics in China.

The main difference between the professional level TuiNa and at home TuiNa is the speed and pressure. Professional level TuiNa are done at a much faster pace, greater than 120 TuiNa per minute. At a faster pace, the therapist can apply lots of pressure without causing much pain.

A 20-minute long professional TuiNa session on the shoulder will apply lots of massage on the tissues. It will take a couple of days for the body to absorb and adjust to the massage.

Home TuiNa massage are done at a slower pace with less pressure. Instead of doing 2 to 3 TuiNa treatments a week, you need to do home TuiNa every day. You can spread it out throughout the day. Whenever you have a few minutes, do some. You don't need to take off your cloth. Oscillation style TuiNa massage does not use massage oil. You can do it at home, in your car or your office. If you can be diligent with your daily TuiNa treatment, you can get similar results to that of professional level ones.

My At-home Frozen Shoulder Treatment Program with TuiNa Massage

I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing University of Traditional Chinese medicine majored in Acupuncture and TuiNa. I worked as a TuiNa therapist for 5 years after school treating patients with frozen shoulders, neck and lower back problem.

I offer an at-home do-it-yourself treatment program that features TuiNa massage treatment for frozen shoulder. Would you like to give it a try and see for yourself how it might work for you? I have a 60 days full refund policy. If for some reason it does not work for you, e-mail me and I will give you your full refund.

I have treated over 1000 frozen shoulder patients using TuiNa massage. I am very confident that it will help you. The Ebook package includes a main booklet, 30 photos, 5 video clips, two treatment plans and one pain relief tip at night. It has

  1. Detailed instructions and video clips on two oscillation style TuiNa techniques
  2. Tip for pain relief at night, which has been used for over 30 years and tested by tens of thousands of frozen shoulder patients
  3. Photos of 11 treatment points
  4. Photos of 6 shoulder exercises
  5. Photos of 6 shoulder stretches.
  6. Online support for all my customers

I provide online support for my customers. Once you get the book, you can e-mail me with any questions. If you like, you can also give me a brief description of your frozen shoulder history and your overall health, and we can discuss the best treatment plan for you.

TuiNa is extremely effective in treating frozen shoulder because it targets and treats the source of the problem, inflammation in the 1st stage and the adhesions in the 2nd and 3rd stage. Frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis. Soft tissues around the shoulder joint got sticky and formed adhesions, which causes pain and limits the mobility of the shoulder.

My Ebook has the step-by-step instructions on how to use a combination of TuiNa, heat, exercises and stretch treatments to accelerate your body's natural course of healing.

If you prefer to get treated by a therapist, my Ebook has the information on how to pick the right TuiNa therapist, what questions to ask and how to tell if the treatment is going the right direction.

My tip for pain relief at night is the standard tip for all frozen shoulder patients at the TuiNa clinics in Beijing. It has been used for over 30 years and tested by tens of thousands of people.

When having frozen shoulder, what not to do, not to impede the natural process of healing and cause unnecessary suffering?

  1. Anything that might cause a new injury. Too much exercises too soon, for example.
  2. Anything that is extremely painful.
  3. Not moving your shoulder at all.
  4. Anything that would reduce and restrict blood circulation in the shoulder. Ice, for example.
    Many of people like one of my customers, Jeff were told to use ice for his frozen shoulder to reduce inflammation. Initially, Jeff was hesitant to take my advice of using heat. Finally, he gave it a try, and here is what he said about the result:
    "After listening to the guidance in Tracy's Ebook, I saw a significant increase in my ROM. The biggest factor was her philosophy on ice vs heat.
    I throw out $100 going to physical therapy. There are far better ideas/principles in her product." - Jeff

Lots of my customers told me that simply by stopping using ice, their shoulder pain and ROM have improved.

Why TuiNa massage is not as well known as Acupuncture ?

For some unfortunate reasons, the government and insurance companies decided that Acupuncture treatment should be given a much higher fee than TuiNa treatment. In actual practice, TuiNa treatments takes much more effort and time than Acupuncture. Almost everyone with an Acupuncture and TuiNa degree chooses to practice Acupuncture because that is where the money is.

Most acupuncturists in the U.S offer TuiNa massage treatment. Very few of them have any training in TuiNa massage. Half of them majored in Herbs and disciplines other than Acupuncture and TuiNa. When they come to the U.S., they all become Acupuncturists because that is where the money is. There is no qualification test for TuiNa therapist.

I visited a few Acupuncturists who offer TuiNa massage treatment. The only TuiNa massage that they do is Acupressure, which is one of the 18 styles of TuiNa massage and is not the right one for frozen shoulder.

To stop pain fast and cure your frozen shoulder with a full recovery, here is exactly what you need to know:

  • How to stop your frozen shoulder pain at night so you can have a good night sleep?

  • How to stop inflammation in the 1st stage quickly

  • How to find the adhesions in the 3rd stage and use the proper TuiNa technique to soften it without causing lots of pain?

  • How to use proper TuiNa techniques in the 2nd stage to exercise the rotator cuff muscles passively and increase blood circulation in the shoulder without causing lots of pain?

  • If your shoulder pain is constant throughout the day, how to keep the pain under control to minimize its disruption to your daily life?

  • When should you start exercising and stretching your shoulder muscles and how to prepare your shoulder for these exercises so that you can minimize your risk of new injury and maximize the effectiveness of the exercises and stretches?

  • How to combine TuiNa massage with shoulder stretches in the 3rd stage to regain your full range of motion.

  • What NOT to do when trying to cure frozen shoulder so you don't make it worse and prolong the healing time.

Each of these steps is crucial when removing frozen shoulder fast and permanently, so be sure you are confident with each one of them. Most physical therapists do not offer the full solution and only concentrate on one or two of the areas.

So how much will it cost me to get good nights sleep, keep frozen shoulder pain under control and get my old shoulder back in a couple of months?

Before I tell you what this will cost, I want you to think about how much it will cost if you don't.

Think of how much it costs to go to physical therapist,or acupuncturist? It ranges from about $80-$100 per visit, and you usually have to go quite a few times to make any substantial improvement, not mentioning the cost of time and gas to get to and from their offices. With all that money spend, they do Not guarantee any results.


60 Day Refund Policy!

You probably have never heard of TuiNa massage and don't know how it might work for you. I suggest you to give it a try for up to 60 days. Add daily self TuiNa massage to your treatment routine.

If you can't feel any improvement, send me an e-mail and you will receive your full refund within 24 hours.

It is for $38.88. Click here to get the details of the EBOOK and make your order!

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P.S If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at tracy@frozenshouldertips.com or to post your question on my facebook page .

Customer Feedback

Disclaimer: In each testimonial on this website, each customer talks about his or her own frozen shoulder and his or her own experience with TuiNa massage. TuiNa massage will help you frozen shoulder. The recovery time for each frozen shoulder is probably different.

Tracy, I bought your online book for frozen shoulders yesterday, and using the tips, I had the first nite's sleep in a week! I want to do massage on myself but cannot open the videos. Please send me the DVD/CD version so I may continue to get the most benefit from your process. Thank you!
Jane S. College Station, TX
Hi Tracy ... I'm 63 y/o, a fairly new massage therapist (after a stressful career in healthcare management) and just launching an information marketing business as well. When I purchased your book, I was in Stage I and had been for about 6 weeks. My symptoms started slowly in January and progressed, so that I probably did some damage not realizing what was going on. A therapist I consulted about mid-May finally suggested I was probably dealing with frozen shoulder, and I began to research it further. After starting your program (THANK YOU! for the recommendation to keep heat on it during the intense painful period! SO effective!) as well as purchasing a hand massager, I quickly progressed into Stage 2. In the last few weeks my ROM has begun to return nicely (I'm at about 75% now) and the only pain I experience is when I push the boundary of my range too far. Still some discomfort at night, but manageable. The only time I need heat now is first thing in the morning when I get up.
Gerry N. Mo
Hi Tracy, I received the CD/DVD today. Thank you very much for sending it promptly. The information is extremely valuable, and your devotion to help is beautiful. Thank you so much. I had been following your instructions, heat, exercise, and massage. To give the massage to myself is quite painful, but I am doing it twice a day for about 30 seconds each points. That is all I can do for now, but I already feel it is working, and I continue to work at it and keep my faith. Thank you again for your kindness and professionalism,
But really, as I've been learning about my condition of having frozen shoulder, I became somewhat frozen myself, in terms of helplessness, trying not to feel hopeless, and wanting to, but not having info on how to "fix" the problem. I'm a doer, and like to research things. Discovering your website and having something I could do to soften the area, and get in touch with my body in a hands on way, has really given me a return of a sense of power, not sure that's the right word, but a sense of hope, in being able to listen and appreciate the healing power of my body. I really appreciate that you speak to that aspect. So, let me give you great gratitude and appreciation, though my shoulder is still limited, I can see there is potential for more and more movement. My therapist and I both really saw a difference today in his being able to manually rotate the shoulder with much more flexibility. Smiles to you,
Sarah, CA
I'm on the second stage of frozen shoulder, and am going to therapy twice a week. Since I've recently seen your website and purchased the book, in just one weekend of doing self (best as I can) Tui Na, I've learned more about my shoulder and it's workings, and feel so much more optimistic about my recovery, now that I have a way to ease the pain and open up, incrementally, the flexibility and range of movement in the shoulder joint. It is so good to have something I can do at home in between my therapy sessions. My therapist is noticing the improvement as well. I don't have complete range of motion by any means, however there is a difference. Before doing the Tui Na, each morning whatever progress I'd achieved from therapy seemed to disappear. Now there is a slight bit of improvement each day - which I hope will add up to full range of movement.
Sam S.
Hi Tracy: I thought I'd drop a line to let you know how pleased I am after trying your method for two full days. It is amazing that I now feel much better (less pain). I can move my arm in a wider range than before, after two days. Though my exercise is pretty much limited to moving my arm forward and backward right now, I am sure I can do other exercises as time goes by. I will continue the heating, cardiovascular exercise and TuiNa every day as you recommended.
Keiko, Toronto, Ontario.
"As an athlete and Physical Therapist I was quite limited and frustrated when I realized my shoulder was not getting better and I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. I have always been skeptical of purchasing things online and even more untrusting of testimonials I have read about certain products but was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Tracy's literature. I strongly believe in a comprehensive approach to all healing and know the TuiNa approach has added to my recovery. I do my best to follow the protocol and have seen wonderful results. I have been most impressed with Tracy's prompt response with answers to any questions and have been most satisfied with all of the comprehensive information she has provided. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a frozen shoulder or anyone treating a frozen shoulder. I have been able to fully return to playing soccer, biking and many other activities with pain free range of motion. Thank you Tracy for your contribution to improving the health and well being of others!!"
Hi Tracy, I bought and downloaded your book yesterday, I did heating and followed your TuiNa message technic and the result is amazing. thank you for Ebook!
Sakhone M., Canada
Tracy That is so helpful and kind of you to respond with all that advice. This week I am going to work on understanding the self massage techniques. I am sure the photos will be of great help. Thanks again for such a personal service.
John D. UK

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