Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions.

Q: Heat or ice for my frozen shoulder? 

A: Heat is the your best friend both for reducing the pain and healing the frozen shoulder. It increases blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. When used well, it is a big part of the treatment. Many of the physio-therapies for frozen shoulder are heat therapies in different forms. Keeping  your shoulder warm and staying out of wind are key to cure your frozen shoulder.  You can use a heating pad on your shoulder for long stretch of time, while you are working on computer, reading or watching TV. You can even have a heating pad on low all night long.

  Ice is used for a fresh and brand new injury for short period time like 10 ~ 15 minutes each session. It should be used during the first 24 hours after the incidence. It is good for stopping the swelling, numbing the pain and preventing further injury.  In the case of frozen shoulder,  if it is somehow related to a injury, it is probably an old one. There is no need for ice. While having frozen shoulder, if you over exercise  or hurt your shoulder somehow, you can use ice to stop the initial swelling. After a day or two, you should get off the ice and get back on heat since ice restricts the blood flow and tense up your muscles.

Q: How much exercise is just right?












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